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With FNaF Online (ANDROID), you and your friends can play Five Nights at Freddy’s game on a private or public server. For those who have wanted to play FNAF with their friends but have no computer, this is a chance for them to do it. FNaF Online (ANDROID) is created by a fan and it is free to play on Android mobile devices.

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With various game modes, like multiplayer, story mode, and minigames, pick one to master! If you and your friends join multiplayer mode, one player will take on the role of the nightguard, while the others play as the animatronics. There are 5 maps with 4 nights to experience in the story mode. You will play for Faz-Tokens that can be used for buying more maps and multiplayer. If you play minigames, you will experience many things like singleplayer short, sweet gameplay, Parts and Service, Happiest Day, etc. Have fun with FNaF Online (ANDROID)!

Link Comming Soon !!!

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