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Zoolax: Nights Evil Clowns is an online scary game. It is about a fun adventure as in Five Nights at Freddy’s. Take part in the challenge and start the new job at a dark building as a security guard. However, you will have to engage in another mission after you enter that creepy antique shop. There is nobody in Zoolax: Nights Evil Clowns free found. You should rely on available devices and your own survival ability smartly. Actually, you are facing multiple dangerous creatures. They are cursed dolls that know how to lurk in the shadows and surprise you with their deadly jumpscares. Join Zoolax: Nights Evil Clowns unblocked with no download you are forced to survive 6 nights! It is the key to lead you to the final victory and open the exit. Remember to control tools sparingly because they will drain the power quickly! Embark on your amazing story and master the best ways to stay alive now! Good luck!